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Children’s Ministry Resource Sunday 17 May 2020

Children’s Ministry Resource
Sunday 17 May 2020


Bible Focus
Matthew 28:16-20
Known in making Him known

How do we make Him known?


One day, Jesus went to His friends, and He asked them to go on a journey to find and make new friends. He wanted them to teach their new friends about the amazing things that He did said so they could all be friends together. Jesus did a lot of interesting things during His life. He walked on water, calmed the sea, made sick people better, and did many other amazing things.
He also said a lot of things that amazing people.
This time, Jesus said to His friends “I am always with you, to the end of time.”
He wanted everyone to know this because He loves them.


Message in a bottle

Resources you will need:
• Bottle
• Cork
• Cloth
• Toothpick/wire
• Twine “Precious things”
• Paper + writing tools

The most important part of this activity is going on an adventure!
Take a walk outside – in your yard, a park or at the beach – and gather “precious things” like Jesus’ disciples did when they gathered people. These can be whatever is interesting to you, but make sure they will fit in the bottle.
Once this is done, write or draw a “message” on the paper, roll it up and tie the twine around it to keep it secure.
Put your “precious things” in the bottle with the “message.”
Then poke the toothpick through the corners of a piece of cloth and stick it into the cork.
Put the cork in the top.
There! You now have a message in a bottle!


Other activities:

Colour and complete the activities on
attached sheets.

Help your friends find their way to

Guide them safely through the maze






Things to ponder with your children:
How can we make Jesus known in every day?
What does it mean to have God’s love forever?
Prayer: Lord Jesus, give us confidence to show Jesus
in our lives and to speak about him confidently to our




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