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The Church of the Resurrection

Children’s Ministry Resource Sunday 3 May 2020


Surprise Cupcakes (Believe something good is inside):

Make some surprise cupcakes for morning tea.

Using a cake mix, bake the cupcakes following the recipe.

Once the cupcakes have cooled, cut the tops off the cupcakes, remove some of the centre, then load them with smarties, M&Ms or some other treat.

Put the tops back on and decorate with icing for a nice tasty treat.



Craft Idea:

Resources you will need:

·         Printout of the template – see below

·         Colouring in pencils or crayons

·         Scissors



Cut out the template along the dotted lines, including the four dotted lines in the slits of the hands. Then cut out the ribbon below.

Colour in the hands and the heart.

Fold the page twice along the lines, to make the shape of a pop-up greeting card.

Push the ribbon through the hearts side of the page first and make sure they go through the other side of the hands too.


Doubting Thomas Hands


Things to ponder with your son/daughter:

Is it easy to believe in things you can’t see?

Are you someone who likes proof?

As Christians, many of us will have times of doubt? We wonder if God is listening or if he cares?

By getting to know God, through the Bible, by talking with other Christians like your parents about their faith and through prayer our faith can grow stronger.

Prayer: Lord thank you that even though we can’t see you, we can feel you in our hearts through prayer and faith and see you in the lives of others. Amen.



Other activities:

·         Watch the YouTube clip of Doubting Thomas:


·         Colour the Jesus appears to Thomas Colouring Page below


·         Complete Doubting Thomas activities on attached sheets.







Game: Believe it or not!

With your child/family write three statements each about yourself. Two of the statement should be true and one of the statements will be false. Read the statements to each other (parents/siblings) and see if they can guess which of the statements is not true.








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