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The Church of the Resurrection

Prayer Chain Ministry

Prayer Chain Ministry

What is the Prayer Chain? The Prayer Chain consists of a dedicated group of Parishioners who devote time every day, to intensively pray for those who have requested prayer. The request must be authorised by the person we are praying for.

All prayer requests are totally confidential.

A request for prayer can be made to Fr Nicholas, Caroline Strickland or Ros Miles When a request is made, I send an email to all members of the group. That person will then receive prayer for one month. After that time, if no feedback has been received, that name will drop off the list.

The Prayer Chain can be likened to the Emergency Department at a hospital. We pray for each person for one month, after that if ongoing prayer is required, a request must then be made to go on to the prayer list in the Pew Sheet (going to a ward at the hospital). It is very important that we receive ongoing updates to the person’s progress.

A request for prayer can be for various reasons, for example, someone going through a hard time who needs prayer for encouragement. Obviously, if someone is about to have surgery,
that is another area. In short, prayer can be requested for medical, spiritual or physical needs.

Ros Miles

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