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30 Ridley Road

Bridgeman Downs 4035

07 3263 3518

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Mon - Thurs

8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

The Church of the Resurrection

Saturday 5.00pm

For all sorts of reasons people find that they can’t get to worship on Sunday Morning
and Saturday evening becomes a great alternative. Our Saturday evening Eucharist
has a rather contemplative tone to it. That is partly because we sing on only one
Saturday a month. For the other Saturdays we worship with the spoken word alone.
but the atmosphere commences when people arrive and just sit quietly in prayer and
meditation before the service commences. The contemplative atmosphere gives our
worship a gentle feel to it.

We still have a full traditional Eucharist and use the readings set for the Sunday,
picking up the Jewish notion that the day starts at dusk.

Even though it is a quiet gentle time we still love to have little children come along
bringing their own energy. Their energy refreshes the energy in the older members
of the congregation.

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