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The Church of the Resurrection

Rev. Nicholas Whereat – Rector

Nicholas-Whereat-ChapelThe Rev Nicholas Whereat commenced as the rector of the Church of the Resurrection, the Anglican Parish of Aspley Albany Creek on the 1st of February 2015.

Nicholas was born in Tewksbury, England. His father Les Whereat was the assistant Curate at the Abbey. The family moved to Gordonvale, North Queensland when Nicholas was just two years old. So the family would be closer to the paternal grandmother at Milla Milla.

Nicholas went to school in Gordonvale and then trained as a technician with Telecom before studying Theology at St Francis College in Milton, Brisbane, where he gained his Bachelor of Theology in 1987 and was ordained as a priest that same year at St Peter’s Wynnum.

The predominant theology at St Francis College may be described as liberal. Nicholas draws from this theological perspective, his Franciscan spirituality, an earthy sacramentalism and the liberation theology of Latin America. Nicholas tries to live this spirituality in his daily life. Nicholas’ commitment to liberation and social justice has seen him involved in prayerful protests at Minister Peter Dutton’s Office.

Nicholas-Whereat-small-groupHe started his ordained ministry as an honorary Assistant Curate at Banyo, and then worked as an Assistant Curate in the parishes of Wynnum, Nambour and Dalby. He was the Priest in Charge of the rural parish of Biggenden from 1990 to 1994.

In 1995, together with his wife Gwenn and their three children, Nicholas went with the South American Missionary Society to Concórdia in the state of Santa Catarina in Southern Brazil. While in Brazil they were part of the ‘Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil’. While there they helped complete the construction of the Church of São Lucas. He worked closely with Revda. Noilves Rosa de Silva and Revdo Flavio de Oliveira. The bishop in the diocese was Dom Jubal Neves.

After the Whereat Family returned to Australia in 2001 Nicholas took up the appointment as rector of the Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay.

Nicholas had a strong commitment to family and children’s ministry. He endeavours to bring the Family worship alive with creative liturgy. Nicholas feels equally at home providing strong traditional worship for the older generation. He takes the task of preaching seriously with a passion to announce the Good News. Nicholas likes to challenge people to think deeply about their faith. Nicholas believes in the importance of Religious Education in the Schools. He is currently teaching RE in Albany Creek State School each week. Nicholas’ has a strength in faithful Pastoral Care to parishioners and people in need. He enjoys visiting people at home or in hospital.

Nicholas-Whereat-ridingNicholas is a family man who also likes to keep fit through running, cycling and occasional mini-triathlons, and more recently by competing in marathons. Several years ago Nicholas and Gwenn stretched their cycling capacity by entering the Conquer Cancer Challenge. Both remembered very special people as they rode the more than 200 kilometres.

Nicholas-Whereat-runningNicholas also loves sailing and most water activities, so he has been active in support of SAILS.  Nicholas is a qualified Kayak Life Guard and Cat Skipper. Sadly time does not allow as many opportunities to join the SAILS crew these days.

Over the years Nicholas has had various Diocesan responsibilities. He was Area Dean of Moreton Deanery doe ten years. Nicholas also served for a time on the Diocesan Council. In 2010 Nicholas was appointed by the Archbishop to be an Examining Chaplain for the Diocese. This role includes meeting with those who believe they may be called to ordained ministry and those who are information. Nicholas enjoys this ministry partly because he sees an exciting enthusiasm in those coming into ministry.

Nicholas completed training as a Spiritual Director. He makes himself available for Spiritual Direction for people in the parish and for people beyond the Parish. Within this ministry people are assisted to hear and respond the Holy Spirit. People are also encouraged to be alive to the presence of God at this moment in this place.

Nicholas-Whereat-with-animalsAs mentioned earlier Nicholas draws on Franciscan Spirituality. In 2003 Nicholas became a professed member of the Third order of St Francis.  The Third Order is made up of ordinary people often in secular jobs who desire to follow Jesus. The community of Franciscans endeavour to live a life of simplicity albeit in a modern secular world. Franciscan pray for each other daily and meet together to encourage one another in the faith.

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